RT indexes in plain index

Hi …
Is it possible RT indexes in plain indexes(regular).please provide an example(config file).

you can otherwise attach plain index into RT index with attach statement

Is replication possible for RT index with ATTACH stmt.

no currently index at cluster does not support attach.

you need to delete index from cluster first attach plain to it then add it back to cluster and wait SST to finish.

Ok…how to insert the data into RT indexes from MySQL datasource

you need to do it with your own application via insert or replace statements or index mysql data source into plain index with indexer then attach that plain index into existed rt index

how PRINT-RT is useful in RT indexes …?

you could use it on indexing plain index then pipe it’s output into mysql client

could you please provide the COMMAND .

indexer -c manticore.conf --print-rt indexrt indexplain > dump.sql

make sure you have the RT index and then

mysql -Pport -h0 < dump.sql

could you please provide a sample config file for RT indexes…