search exact word ignore any wordform

Hi, i’d like to search all documents with the literal word AQU, but even if I quote it it returns documents with AQUA. I’ve also tried with =aqu but no joy.

the query looks like this:

WHERE MATCH('("aqu")')

and this is my conf

index clips


    type = plain
    source = clips
    path = /blah
    html_strip = 1
    html_index_attrs = img=alt,title; a=title;
    stored_fields =
    min_stemming_len = 3
    morphology = stem_en, libstemmer_de, libstemmer_es
    morphology_skip_fields = field1, field2
    index_exact_words = 1

Why do you need double brackets? The query must be:


let’s say I want to search on a field, shouldn’t it be

SELECT * FROM table WHERE MATCH('@field "=AQU"');

the example you made returns an error.
ERROR 1064 (42000): P01: syntax error, unexpected identifier, expecting $end near 'TABLE WHERE MATCH('=aqu')'

it seems the correct way to do it is this:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE MATCH('@field "=aqu"');

you can not name your index table as this is reserved word

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my bad it was pseudo code, I should’ve declared it. my table has a non reserved name e non reserved column name

right syntax:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE MATCH('@field ="AQU"');

also, you may need escape quotes

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