searchd cannot be installed on windows 10.

I’ve been trying to install searchd as the documentation shows, but i keep getting the same error:

" ‘C:\Manticore\bin\searchd’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. "

Of course i ran it on an admin terminal, also tried adding the ‘C:\Manticore\bin\searchd’ to path.

I’ve been looking over it since yesterday but it seems that i cannot find what’s wrong. Any ideas?

I solved it.

It turns out that i was doing it wrong at the time of extracting the files of both .zip files. Do not extract them into folders, just extract them files and everything on steps of the documentation should be fine.

Also when starting the service “Manticore” make sure that u already created the folder named “binlog” inside the data folder (assuming that u are using the path “C:\Manticore\var\data\binlog”), if not it will not start and it’ll throw an error. This if u added “binlog_path = path” into the “” file.

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