Spatial indexes

I see there are geo-spatial functions in Manticore, but I don’t see any real spatial indexes.

Manual shows using two float columns for lon and lat. Is there way to create spatial index for points, like a space filling curve (Z-order curve aka Morton code)?

Are there any plans to add spatial indexes?

Hello @zigzag

I’m afraid this is not in our nearest plans.

Understandable. Thanks for a reply and keep up the good work.

Note you can exploit the inverted index to make a spatial index, but its not built in. Have to do yourself.

For example turn the lat/long into ‘fake’ keywords. Then can just add those words to the index. And can query against them.

Geohash is one way (although not perfect) way of turning a location into a word. It can be used with ‘prefix’ matching in the index.

Can even stuff a quadtree into a word.