Specify same config value for all tables


I’m migrating our search engine from sphinx to manticore and I have some doubts about change from indexes to tables.

I want to specify some common config values to all tables (like morphology and charset_table) without specifying one by one. In sphinx, I’ve created a general index with all common values and I use index extension:

index general
morphology = …
charset_table = …


And I extend each index from general:

index index1 : general


There is any way to do the same with manticore tables?

Thanks in advance.

You can do the same with Manticore. You can even keep using the old “index” naming. We keep the old names as aliases.

Thanks for your answer.

However, in manticore I get an error message when I create a table without a path value. Does it make sense to specify a path when the table is just an alias to extend other tables?

In sphinx it is not necessary to specify the path if there is no data to index.

Add type=template to the general index