Sphinx to Manticore

I have recently integrated Sphinx 2.0.3 version in my website. My website is in PHP. If I switch Sphix to Manticore then how much changes I need to do and will i get any benefits?


2.03 is quite an old version. What do you use for connecting? SphinxAPI or SphinxQL? If you use SphinxAPI you need update the sphinxapi.php with the latest version. During Sphinx 2.2 some configuration settings were deprecated and removed. You’ll have to take them out. If somehow you are using str2ordinal attributes you need to take them out (and replace them with string attributes) because these were removed in Sphinx 2.2.

thanks for the update. I am using SphinxAPI. and I did not use anystr2ordinal attributes.
But I have used following attributes in my conf file:

sql_attr_timestamp = created
sql_attr_uint = status
sql_attr_uint = entity_id
sql_field_string = bundle
sql_field_string = field_body_value
sql_field_string = title

Also What is difference in Sphinx and Manticore?
Can I use both Sphinx and manticore in one website but on different locations?

Manticore is a fork of the last open source version of Sphinx (2.3.2). It adds several new features (biggest are the Percolate Queries and HTTP JSON API), but also lot of effort was made on improving stability and performance.
They can be use on same server in the same way as using multiple instances of Sphinx or Manticore (need different ports and directories).

sql_field_string = field_body_value

sql_field_string is a combo column. It creates both a fulltext field and a string attribute. It’s not recommended in general to store large texts as strings in Sphinx/Manticore (as it’s not optimized to be a data warehouse). In plain indexes any column that is not defined with sql_* it gets indexed as fulltext field (expect the first one, which is reserved for the document id).

Hello there

I’m using Sphinx 2.2.11-release Windows x64 with a couple of distributed indexes.
What i have to change to use your latest version?

tnx in advance

Nothing in particular, Manticore daemon can load Sphinx indexes. Just stop searchd and replace the executables and libraries. The installed Windows service (if you run it like this) will work as well as it does nothing else but point to searchd.exe.
I suggest to wait for 2.7.2, it will be out this week and contains a lot of fixes.
Upgrade first the master node(s) and then the remote nodes. The newer searchd as master can work with older remote nodes, but viceversa is not available anymore since 2.7 because of some enhancements to the protocol.
If you are using SphinxAPI, you should upgrade to latest API library (like sphinxapi.php) as there were some updates to it during Sphinx 2.3.

many thanks for the info. I have done the change today and it works perfect!

kind regards