SQL Server Support?

Hi, can Manticore support connecting to SQL Server on a Windows box that has no mySQL? If it is possible, then is there documentation available on how to modify manticore.conf file to connect to SQL Server? Thank you.

no that is not possible
Manticore works as a server handling incoming connections

However you could access the Manticore search daemon itself not only with MySQL client but and via HTTP REST interface with plain curl as described at the manual

Wonder if you mean ‘indexing’ from a SQL Server source database?

That should be possible as indexer can use odbc for connecting to a database source

never used odbc_dsn so dont know how easy it to setup

You can’t connect to searchd using SQL Server protocol to run queries.
Can use various protocols to accessing the daemon even if you don’t have mysql-client, eg can use the old API interface, or the more recent HTTP based interface.

Indeed, that is what I had meant: ‘indexing’ from a SQL Server source db. I was able to do that with odbc_dsn. Thanks for the help! For sending queries to the Manticore server, I used MySQL client plugin in Visual Studio from a NuGet package. The queries worked with MySQLConnection() in C#. It did not work with a SphinxQL connection - it was truncating strings.

It was pretty easy to set up in the .conf file, after configuration and pointing an ODBC connection to the SQL Server database from control panel.

Sample syntax in the .conf file:

source mysource
    type                    = odbc
    odbc_dsn                = DSN=DARIUS-LAPTOP;  
    sql_query = \
       SELECT NationalIDNumber,JobTitle  \
            FROM AdventureWorks2022.HumanResources.Employee      # Your SQL query to fetch data
    sql_field_string = NationalIDNumber   # Example of defining a full-text field
    sql_field_string = JobTitle # Another full-text field


index myindex3
    source = mysource     # Reference to the source defined above
    charset_type = utf-8

    min_infix_len   = 3        # for infix indexing, helpful in auto-complete
    path = C:\Manticore\indexes\myindex3  # Index files location
    # Other index settings as needed

     listen = 9312         # Port for Manticore API
    listen = 9306:mysql41 # Port for SQL-like queries
    log = C:\Manticore/var/log/manticore/searchd.log
    query_log = C:\Manticore/var/log/manticore/query.log
    pid_file = C:\Manticore/var/run/manticore/searchd.pid
    read_timeout = C:\Manticore/var/log/manticore/read.log
    client_timeout = C:\Manticore/var/log/manticore/client.log
    query_log_format = sphinxql