Store data in index with html_strip enabled

Ahoj all,
i would ask a question about how the data are stored in index.
My index “products” has html_strip enabled and when indexing field “description(text)” the content is stored intact, as if html_strip is not working.
My setting for index CREATE index is

"html_strip": "1",
"html_index_attrs": "img=alt,title; a=title;",

Text i would store in “description”

<h2 style="color:red;">Awesome product</h2>

After insert/update the content in “description” is still with html tags.

My understanding of this strip feature is that, it should store “description” without html, only “Awesome product”

Or the data is stored raw and indexed text is without html in the background?

As manual said about the html_strip - it strips full text data prior to indexing. It should not affect attributes or docstore data.