Storing Data in Manticore

Hi Everyone,

If you’re storing data in Manticore, should you still store and maintain it in MySQL? Or can you run all CRUD operations on the data while stored in Manticore? I apologize for asking I just want to confirm what I understood from the documentation. I believe that you have to overwrite the record rather than a normal update so that it can be indexed with the new values??? My understanding might be a little off. Thank you in advance for your help!

In general yes, can store ‘original’ data in Manticore.

In fact how that ‘fields’ can be ‘stored’ - ie you can ‘retrieve’ the original raw text, you could technically do a update on all columns. Previously would only be able to update attributes.
(although doing an update on fields - even stored - would mean rewriting the whole row, but that IS possible now, as can retrieve the whole row)

But would argue its not prudent to rely on manticore as primary data store. It doesnt have proper ‘transactions’ to rely on data consistency (although that might not be a problem depending on application) - ie not fully ACID compliant.

Plus backups are possible, but can be very tricky to make sure robust.

Doing a ‘dump’ of all rows in a index, (again because of document storage) is possible, but may need a homegrown solution.

I appreciate the time and feedback, thank you!