Strange result set when using GROUP and LIMIT

Server version: Manticore 3.5.5 368adf63@210413 release git branch HEAD (no branch)

Please take a look at the pic:

UUIDs d510de91-6c88-40c6-aaeb-f1bcc2d824f7 and ebf597a2-bbb1-471a-bc8c-f21e76da7925 are duplicated. Not sure if this is a proper result set as long as UUIDs should be grouped. As long as I know, there is no such a problem in version 3.5.4.

If I use ordering by UUID, everything works well, but how should it work without any ordering?

you use limited max_matches with groups - that is why your result set is not accurate and that is normal.

Here is topic in documentation Grouping accuracy that describes it.

Thank you. I’ve read this before, but this info has been forgotten :slight_smile: