Using nested JSON field in WHERE

Ahoj all,
Can someone tell me why this query is not working?

ANY should return 1 or 0 so why i cannot use it with JSON field?

SELECT id FROM index WHERE ANY(jsondata.attribute.values) IN (57);

It returns an error

(1064): P01: syntax error, unexpected SUBKEY, expecting ':' or ')' near '.attribute.values) IN (57)' 

jsondata.attribute.values is MVA field, indexed as array through official php API.

If i use standard MVA field it works OK.

jsondata.attribute.values is MVA field

It can be either JSON or MVA. For json arrays please use the syntax as shown here Manticore Search Manual: Functions > Arrays and conditions functions

Thanks, this seems to work, but i have to rewrite my code.
I cannot understand why must be JSON field in SELECT and not in WHERE
Why is there keyword ANY if i must write query like this for multiple values

SELECT id, ANY(x=57 OR x=12 FOR x IN jsondata.attribute.values) cond FROM index WHERE cond=1;

I mean, is this approach effective? Or it doesn’t matter, and what about “cond” in results a waste of memory.

JSON values made for simple use. Not sure how unstructured data of various type can be effective.