WARING: index 'xxxx': no such local index 'xxxx', SKIPPED


Hi Guys,

I tried to use a distributed search but I got this WARING. However, if I don’t use distributed but use the plain index directly, it shows no warning. I’m wondering whether there is a bug or something wrong in my code.

index db12
source = db12
path = C:\Users\monst\Downloads\manticore-3.2.0-191017-e526a014-release-x64-bin\data\db12
ngram_chars = U+3000…U+2FA1F
ngram_len = 1
index db13
source = db13
path = C:\Users\monst\Downloads\manticore-3.2.0-191017-e526a014-release-x64-bin\data\db13
ngram_chars = U+3000…U+2FA1F
ngram_len = 1


index dist_local
type = distributed
#agent = localhost:9999:db12
#agent = localhost:9998:db13
local = db12
local = db13


I found that is because I did’t add the local index into the params.
The command should be:
searchd.exe --index dist_local --index db12 --index db13


Hi. Unless you have a special reason I’d recommend to start searchd w/o --index, it will then just load all the indexes specified in the config. Otherwise it may be confusing in future when you add more indexes etc.