WARNING: bailing on failed request header


Can anyone tell me what exactly mine this warning?

[Sat Oct 6 18:37:02.572 2018] [14420] WARNING: bailing on failed request header (client=, error: 10054 ‘WSA error 10054’, sock=928

I have this on all indexes somtime but on one index every couple of seconds…

btw. I see this since i use “workers = thread_pool”.
btw2. running on Windows Server 2016 up to date, and the 2.7.3 version of manticore

regards Peter

update (just for information)

I have changed this index from agent to local index and got no warnings anymore…

regards Peter

Hi Peter

Do you mean it was a distributed index consisting of agent= and you’ve changed it to also a distributed index, but consisting of local= and when you access the distributed index you get no warnings any more?

exactly right!

regards Peter

Thanks. I’ve created this issue in Gitlab to look into this https://github.com/manticoresoftware/manticoresearch/issues/124

could you make reproducible example of case you describing?
As I unable to reproduce it with my Windows 10 box and has no access to Windows Server 2016 box.

Or at least run the searchd with --logdebugvv and provide the log

I mine the warning could be ignored because i saw, that i got it only if i’m testing from a local machine… never see other ips than my ip.

btw. sorry, not saw this on first report.

regards Peter