Weird query logs

We are seeing some weird queries in the query log,
Thu Jul 30 03:04:54.280 2020 conn 8583 real 0.000 wall 1.594 found 40089 */ SELECT (null) FROM my_index WHERE my_id(1419,2775,3478,4286,4379,4576,6308,8266,9028,9574,15612,16284,17040,18626,19207,19332,19806,20324,20416,21482,22121,22797,22921,22991,23025,23358,24281,26204,26458,26472,26679);

We are wondering why this is showing SELECT (null),
When we fire this query in manually, we get this error since it is not even a valid query . ERROR 1064 (42000): sphinxql: syntax error, unexpected NULL near 'null)

we are using manticore server version: 3.0.2 e3d296ef@190531 release
please get back to us @tomat, @Sergey.

Thank you.

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What is your interface of this query SphinxQL or HTTP or API?

Could you track back this query at your application and post it here?

Our interface is SphinxQL. As of now we are not able to track back this query. These queries seem odd to us. Will get back to you once we are able to find out which query is causing this issue. We were just wondering if there may be any particular reason why it is showing (null) after SELECT.

SELECT (null) FROM ... means only empty select list at your query. We could fix it by posting SELECT * FROM ... however it might be better to catch case that passed by

@tomat Thank you for this information, we are still trying to figure out which query is causing this issue. Will get back to you once we find the query.

you might create ticket at Github when you find problem query and we will fix such case to post correct query in query log

sure @tomat, will do.

Just figure out that you using 3.0.2 e3d296ef@190531 release that was a bit outdated and this case was already fixed